Emma #16Meet Emma. I adore her. I had been swimming with Emma and her mom in a parent-child class for a bit, but after a while, that just wasn’t  enough. Every child is individual, and kids sometimes do better when mom/ dad/ nanny/ care giver/ etc. is not around. In Emma’s case, she was progressing, but the class consisted of her best friend, Izzy (Project Participant #8 ) and adorable twin boys, so it was a fun class! Four fun kids, four fun parents and one fun swim instructor.

Emma and IzzyEmma was doing well, but I noticed she would cling to mom and wasn’t progressing as quickly as I knew she could. This is really common- a child fussing to mom when they don’t want to do something. Emma’s mom is awesome and was open to whatever was best for Emma. Since Izzy did well as a one-on-one project participant, it seemed like the logical next step for Emma. So, she became part of Project: Face in Water. We had a one-on-one lesson and it was amazing to see what I knew she was capable of doing!

Emma #16

Emma #16




With both private lessons a success, I wanted the parents out of the water. I decided to try a “big girl class” for Izzy and Emma. Fortunately for me, the moms didn’t have a problem with the apron strings. (It may have something to do with them staying dry and going outside to the beach while I swam with the girls!) Of course, the girls were both apprehensive at first, wondering why they were alone with Swim Kim. I told them the truth- that we could have more fun without the mommies around 🙂 Seriously- raising children gets “Super Hero” status in my book. I don’t want to raise a child, I just want to work with her for 30-60 minutes and show her something magical- the water. I want to help her feel what it’s like to have a healthy relationship with the water. What it feels like when she trusts the water and it holds her up. When she respects the water and it is forgiving. That’s it. So the mommies take a little break and allow me to do what I do best.

Emma and Izzy continue to swim together in a “big girl class” with Swim Kim at The Wavehouse. They are both doing so well and Emma is a total super star doing her High 5s up to the sun, getting toys off the bottom and cruising with the fins. We’re still working on the “bicycle legs” but that’s a tale for another day.

PROS and CONS when participating in swimming lessons with your child:


  • It’s a wonderful bonding experience for parent and child

  • Helps your child build strength by exercising in the water

  • Helps your child build endurance with a stronger heart and lungs

  • Reinforces infant’s natural reflexive swimming skills

  • Gives your child the amazing life-saving skill of swimming

I could go on forever! To read more about the  Benefits of Swimming, click here.


  • Your child is fine and you are the one stressing her out, saying things like, “You’re not gonna drown,” “Don’t be scared,” and “You want mommy to swim with you, huh?”

  • Your child is fine on her own, but you are the one with white knuckles and tears. If you’re happy, she’s happy. If you’re upset, she’s upset.

  • Your child is fine so please let the swim instructor (that you hired as a professional) do her job.

Just sayin’ 🙂 I LOVE the mommies/ daddies/ guardians/ care givers/ nannies/ mannies, etc. I work with. It takes a village, people!

Big hugs to Daylen and Mallory for filming again- Thank You!