prego cartoon

The amniotic sac that protects the fetus during pregnancy is also referred to as the “bag of waters.” So, basically, that little kiddo is cruising around in there- swimming, stretching and relaxing. How amazing is that? I’ve never been pregnant, so when I speak on this topic some skeptics roll their eyes like I have no idea what I’m talking about. Well, I’m very fortunate to have been attending conferences and workshops where amazing water baby gurus like Lana Whitehead (Founder of SWIMkids USA and U.S. Swim School Association Hall of Fame inductee- October 2012) never cease to amaze me.

Lana taught me, “The bathtub is a perfect place for your little one to begin to develop a healthy relationship with this liquid medium. In their early training, the infant will experience a great deal of tactile stimulation from water resistance over their entire body. The water has over 600 times the resistance of air, which is great for the muscles, and it encourages neurological development, too.”

It makes sense, right? That baby has been in a bag of waters for what- 40 weeks? There are many theories around the best time to introduce babies to the bathtub and shower. The answer: As soon as the umbilical cord falls off! Seriously. I’ll explain more in the next few days. I’m writing this from a coffee shop in Los Angeles because tomorrow I will BEGIN MY PROJECT! Yay! I’ll be kicking it off with baby Kai, who is now 10 weeks old. Then, I’ll work with Quinn, who turned one today. I can’t wait to get those little ones in the water!