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Swim Mission: Honduras 2018 & 2019!

Swim Mission Honduras

March 2019

Our Team: 
Kim Shults, Alissa Magrum, Dr. Renee Lockey, Lynn Magrum, Ella and Hanna
Teaching Swimming in Honduras Team

In February 2018, Kim Shults from Face in Water and Alissa Magrum from Colin’s Hope went to The Cornerstone Foundation in Honduras with Dr. Renee Lockey. While Renee delivered babies and saved lives at Loma de Luz Hospital, Kim and Alissa were busy at El Camino bi-lingual School delivering Colin’s Hope Water Safety Lessons , teaching swimming in the ocean all day and educating the missionary families in the evenings with Not One More Drowning conversations with the adults and teens and Learn to Swim with Lou!  readings and activities with the children. The beauty and growth and life they experienced after a week at The Cornerstone Foundation  was overwhelming to say the least. They returned in March 2019 with an even bigger support team including Alissa’s mom, daughter (13) and step-daughter (14). What a way to spend spring break!

destination for 2020

Looking for a New Swim Mission Destination for 2020!

We are currently looking for a new Swim Mission destination for 2020! We know the universe will send us somewhere, but we don’t know where quite yet. We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Holiday Fundraiser 2018

THANK YOU to everyone that supported our Honduras Holiday Fundraiser! We raised almost $2000 to provide all 32 children at the Sanctuary House the cultural Christmas gift of a new church outfit. Alissa shopped for pretty dresses, fancy shoes and button-down shirts and is putting them on a shipping container to Honduras to ensure every child gets this tradition met this holiday season.


We will be headed to a new destination in 2020. Every donation helps make the mission a success!
Swim Outreach Honduras

Thank you to all of our Individual Contributors and our Major Sponsors:

Honduras Swimming Lessons

Impact for Swim Mission: Honduras 2019

Swim Mission Impact:
5 days
4 instructors
2 Translator Instructors
45 Swimmers ages 1-65
114 Swim Lessons in the ocean, the pool and the magic silver tub
4 Aquatic Therapy Sessions
30 Youth Group Members Educated
35 High Students Educated

Water Safety Curriculums Used:
Colin’s Hope: Water Safety with Colin & Friends
Swim Kim: DIY Teach Your Child How To Swim
RNLI: LifeBoats Swim Safe
USLA: Rip Current Safety

Children’s Water Safety Books Used:
Learn to Swim with Lou: Kim Shults
The Royals Go To The Beach: Madeline Brindley
The Polar Bear Who Couldn’t, Wouldn’t Swim: The ZAC Foundation
Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim: The Stew Leonard III Foundation
Josh the Otter: Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation
Clifford Learns to Swim

Swimming and Water Safety Skills Taught and Learned:
Never Swim Alone – Make a Water Safety Plan
Safe Water Entry and Exit (in pool and open water)
Getting Your Face Wet
Blowing Bubbles
Front Float (with and without kicks)
Back Float (with and without kicks)
Rolling over front to back / back to front
Swimming on front and back – Using Arms and Legs and Breathing

Medical Mission Impact:
5 Days of CLinics and Consults
4 Babies delivered
1 Hysterectomy
1 Medical Supply Bodega (Storage Warehouse) Cleaned and Organized
Lots of ultrasounds and medical procedures performed
45 Well Child Checks Done

Swim Team: Kim Shults, Alissa Magrum, Ella Magrum-Stanley, Hanna Rimel
Medical Team: Dr. Renee Lockey and Lynn Magrum, ANP

2018 Swim Mission Honduras

2018 Honduras Holiday Outfit Fundraising Success!

Honduras Holiday Fundraiser
Honduras Holiday Fundraiser

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