“After taking lessons with Kim, my 3 girls love the water and don’t ever want to leave the pool. They are cautious of the water, but push themselves to swim farther and farther. Kim is gentle and nurturing, but has a really fun style. The kids are always excited to start class with her! Because she is nurturing, she builds trust with the kids which helps them overcome any fear of the water. We strongly recommend Ms. Kim!!” – Paula G.

Private Swimming Lesson Options:


San Diego Swim Lessons
Worldwide Swim Lessons

Types of Swimming Lessons:

Adult Swimming Lessons
Breakthrough Swim Session
Swim Lessons for Adults
Swimming lessons for all ages and abilities
Swim Lessons for Autism/ Special Needs
Swim Lessons for Kids
Pricing for all types of lessons

“Kim has a unique way of teaching. She records you while you swim and can give you instant feedback during the lesson. She’s patient, positive and is passionate about swimming and it shows.” – Jerry S.

“My severely autistic (non-verbal) son has gained confidence and can swim better than other kids his age with the same disability. The first lesson consisted of just getting him in the pool – it was the noise not the water that bothered him. Yesterday, was the first time I saw him float on his back and do a couple of back strokes independently. Previously he was hampered by his natural tendency to hunch his shoulders and plug his ears. Kim always makes the experience enjoyable and fun. She is never judgmental of my son’s disability, nor his slow rate of progress, which can be hard to handle for most people. If it were not for Kim, I wouldn’t have enrolled my son in surf camp – which he loved.” – Resa

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