DIY Teach Your Child How to Swim ONLINE LEARNING Package

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DIY Teach Your Child How to Swim Online Package


DIY Learn-to-Swim ONLINE LEARNING Package

Online how-to guide for teaching beginners how to swim. For children ages 0-5 and reluctant/ apprehensive swimmers of any age.

Package includes one of each:
– 120 page ebook: Do-it-Yourself! Teach Your Child How to Swim
A how-to guide with three decades of experience wrapped up into a 120 page ebook. Learn-to-swim expert Kim Shults shares everything you need to know to teach your child 10 essential swimming and water safety skills. The book covers 45 mini lessons. There are 50+ embedded how-to, step-by-step videos. All proceeds from the sale of this ebook go to Face in Water non-profit.

– Access to Safer Swimming Online Education