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Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death in children ages 1-4. I help you keep your child safe in and around the water.

Safer Swimming Group Demonstration

This information could save your child’s life! 
Learn the 10 Essential Swimming and Water Safety Skills
that every member of your family MUST know.

$30 Donation to Face in Water non-profit gets you:

– * A 45 Minute Safer Swimming Group Demonstration with Learn-to-Swim expert Kim Shults
Waterproof Card for the bath or pool: Intro to teaching your child 10 basic swimming and water safety skills
– Access to Safer Swim Community online with videos, PDFs, articles and more to keep every member of your family safe
– ‘Teaching a Healthy Respect for the Water’ complete online course
  * In-water lesson available if you have access to a warm pool that is heated  82-92 degrees
At least 4  adults, each with a child between 6 months- 4 years old. Must have one adult per child in the water.
Where: Right now we are scheduling demonstrations in and around SAN DIEGO.  If you are located outside of San Diego and are interested in a demonstration, please contact Kim to see how we can accommodate you. More cities to follow SOON!
You must have access to a warm pool (82-92 degrees) with a shallow area where adults can stand up. This can be a home pool, community pool, etc. but it must be warm for maximum learning potential.
– Find at least 4 adults to participate
– Contact Kim at Face in Water to schedule your Safer Swimming Demonstration
– Each adult participant donates $30 to Face in Water
* Minimum of 4 adult/child participants needed to book a lesson
* Contact Kim directly to make accommodations for large groups
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