“After taking lessons with Kim, my 3 girls love the water and don’t ever want to leave the pool. They are cautious of the water, but push themselves to swim farther and farther. Kim is gentle and nurturing, but has a really fun style. The kids are always excited to start class with her! Because she is nurturing, she builds trust with the kids which helps them overcome any fear of the water. We strongly recommend Ms. Kim!!” – Paula G.

“This was such a positive, confidence-building experience for me! I felt so much better about my ability to swim! I left looking forward to being in the water! As I have grown older & continued to feel less confident in the water, I tried to keep working harder in the water, which resulted in more anxiety. Kim’s approach is: ‘The water is your friend; you can relax & take it slowly.’ What a tremendous difference that made for me!” – Jana M.


“Isabella was terrified and now is just so much more confident in the water! She’s willingly putting her face/head underwater, which I thought would never happen!!! Kim has Zero Tolerance to fake crying/ whining!” – Sue- Ellen

“My severely autistic (non-verbal) son has gained confidence and can swim better than other kids his age with the same disability. The first lesson consisted of just getting him in the pool – it was the noise not the water that bothered him. Yesterday, was the first time I saw him float on his back and do a couple of back strokes independently. Previously he was hampered by his natural tendency to hunch his shoulders and plug his ears. Kim always makes the experience enjoyable and fun. She is never judgmental of my son’s disability, nor his slow rate of progress, which can be hard to handle for most people. If it were not for Kim, I wouldn’t have enrolled my son in surf camp – which he loved.” – Resa


“Kim has a unique way of teaching. She records you while you swim and can give you instant feedback during the lesson. She’s patient, positive and is passionate about swimming and it shows.” – Jerry S.

“Kim figured out a way to calm my daughter down so that she could pay attention to the class. She knows what works for each kid and customizes it, making lessons fun.” – Grace M.


“Now my little Mia can swim like a fish! Most importantly she is aware of the water and her abilities. Swimming is one of her favourite activities. Thank you so much Kim!! Kim is perfect for kids who are fearful of the water. She has a way to connect with them where they are, talking to them closely and calmly; her immediate connection to her students is her best attribute to my opinion.”– Kim D.

“My son’s overall arm and leg strength has increased substantially since swimming consistently with Kim twice weekly. He is a better swimmer but also physically a better walker when using his walker. Kim makes every session fun and creates enough variety to keep him interested. She uses humor and is the most consistent teacher I have experienced. She challenges and motivates individualistically!!” – Katie C.


“Kim has a huge heart that shows during her teaching. Our son (who has Autism) has learned so much from Kim since he started. He went from fear of goggles to using a mask, flippers and goggles to swim. Kim shows patience and kindness. Our son looks forward to seeing Kim’s smiling face every week.” – Electra M.

“Kim was sensational. She gave great pointers on how to breathe under-water and also taught me how to do free-style in just one hour. She also recommended the use of flippers which helped me glide through the water. She made me over-come my aversion to water. In fact, we spent most of our summer in the pool, thanks to Kim’s help! She’s very easy-going.” – Karina


“I’d lost that great joy in the water I’d had as a child. As I’ve thought about my lesson over the past two days, I’ve realized, Kim, you’ve given me the great gift of rediscovering and regaining that childhood pleasure. After the lesson, I felt so much better, both physically and emotionally. This for me was a truly liberating experience. And, as I discovered, it’s never too late to learn to swim properly.” – Nicole L.

“Great results in on-going water confidence, efficiency and skill. Kim makes the kids feel so comfortable with her, whilst working them to their capacity too.” – Karen

boy swim

“Jack is totally proficient in swimming and loves the water. Kim is by far the BEST swim instructor in San Diego. The kids absolutely love her. She’s able to establish an immediate rapport so that learning can happen.” – Debi J.

“Much more confidence and safety awareness- she use to “panic” when she was tired while swimming. Kim taught her to roll over on her back to rest ? Kim is wonderful- she is so warm and sensitive to each child and really connects with the kids. They feel safe and trust her.” – Leah


“Kim is amazing! She caters to each child’s swimming ability and help them learn or fine tune their strokes. My girls have been swimming with Kim for years. They have a blast at every lesson and I feel better knowing they are water safe. She doesn’t let the kids get away with anything. She is fun but firm with them. Before we hired Kim, we were paying money into swim lessons that weren’t showing any results. My girls weren’t confident in the water and were actually regressing!” – Sharon B.

“Fantastic! Case gained confidence in the water being with Kim. She is calm, can relate to kids and doesn’t push kids to a level they are not comfortable with. She challenges them as she sees fit and has fun with them!” – Sharon J.


“Unbelievable results. Safety, confidence, and proper technique! Kim’s approach is safety first. Kids love her.” – Heath P.