action breeds confidence

#faceinwater, adult swim lessonYesterday, I swam with Jack. It had only been a few days since Resa (#26) and I swam together so I was excited to see how she was doing. Well, when I arrived, she looked confident and told me that she and her husband took Jack surfing over the weekend. I started to get in the pool and saw something I’d never seen- she was in her bathing suit and getting in the pool with us! “Do you want to borrow my goggles?” I asked. “No, I’ve got my own.” Huh.

Swim, autism, #faceinwaterLast week, Resa told me that Jack has been frustrated with swimming lately because he can’t seem to ‘get it.’ (He has a hard time getting his arms out of the water to swim freestyle.) I didn’t realize that, so I was all set to be extra patient and praise, praise, praise.

Well, no need because Jack was on fire! He swam better than I’ve EVER seen him swim. The praise was well-earned. He raced me and Resa across the pool, with bigger arm strokes than I could imagine. He smiled and laughed and watched his mom both above and below the surface.

I don’t know which one of us had more fun; we all found so much joy while interacting with so few words. What an incredible experience- watching mother and son using the water as a medium to foster their relationship. Life is good.