Karina #9
Remember Project Partcipant # 9 Karina? She completely faked me out when I met her. I thought she looked pretty comfortable in the water…until we talked about getting her face wet. When I worked with her back in early March she said, “Swimming for me has always been for survival — not for enjoyment.” She was adamant about learning to swim properly since her daughter, Alexis, loves to swim and her husband is ‘a fish.’ Well, I just received this picture and e-mail from her…
Today is my 42nd birthday, and what did we do today?  We headed to the pool.  I even swam with the fins I purchased, and used your “humming” technique to blow bubbles.
We’ve been swimming quite a bit this summer.  Thanks to you and your Face In The Water Project, I’ve gained the confidence to enjoy and swim in the pool, as opposed to just “hang around” in the pool.  When my daughter’s preschool had a swim party at her teacher’s pool in July, I was designated the mom to retrieve and help each child who went down the water slide (it tested my “treading water” skills, but I did pretty well — I surprised myself too). Thanks again for giving me such a wonderful “birthday” gift!

THANK YOU for the update, Karina! You’re awesome. Keep up the good work.