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Drowning is the #1 cause of unintentional death for kids ages 1-4.

Swimming and Water Safety Education

Parents, Grandparents, Teachers and Caregivers…

If your child fell in the water, would he survive?

By teaching your child a healthy relationship with the water from infancy, you’re reinforcing the natural swimming reflexes that a child has at birth. The benefits last a lifetime.

Keep your family safer in and around the water with DIY swimming and water safety programs designed to make learning fun. From bathtub safety tips to Do-it-Yourself online videos, teaching your child how to swim has never been easier.

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Face in Water non-profit Efforts to Prevent Drowning

Teach Your Child How to Swim

DIY 100+ page ebook:
Teach Your Child How to Swim

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Teach Your Child How to Swim